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On-site service makes travel easy and convenient

General Aviation Services

Einarson Flying Service, Inc. has offered complete Fixed-Base Operator services for more than 60 years, and they’re known as the “Quickest Turn in the Nation – with Customs and Border Protection.” With advance notice and arrangements, they offer  24-hour service for arrivals and departures. In addition, Einarson provides fueling, charters, and aircraft maintenance and repair services including:

  • 7,400 ft. long and 150 ft. wide primaryrunway with ILS instrument approaches
  • Jet A and 100LL fuel
  • De-icing/Anti-ice
  • Lavatory service
  • Wi-Fi
  • APU available
  • Tie-downs and hangar space
  • Courtesy cars available
  • 24-hour U.S. Customsand Border Protection
  • Pilot rest area
  • Flight training
  • Charters

For more navigation information, visit the AirNav website.

Airfield Information

FAA Identifier: INL


Elevation: 1,185 ft. or 361.2 m. (surveyed)

Variation: 03E (1985)

Runways: 13/31 — 7,400 feet x 150 feet | 4/22 — 2,999 feet x 75 feet

Airport Communications: 
MSP CENTER 120.9/377.1
WX ASOS 120.00

Private Flying

For private plane enthusiasts, hangar rental, fueling, aircraft maintenance and repair services are available on-site.

Conference Room

Einarson’s Flying Services offers a conference room that seats 6-8 people and includes cable television, internet connections, and audio visual equipment for presentations. For more information contact Einarson Flying Service, Inc. for availability and potential fee.

Hangar Space

Contact Einarson Flying Service, Inc. regarding the availability of hangar space.

Thor Einarson Airport Manager 218.283.4461 [email protected]