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Agenda & Meeting Minutes

Agenda and meeting minutes copies

Contact the airport commission at [email protected] to receive copies of the agenda and meeting minutes.

Capital Improvements

The Commission is committed to continually make improvements to the airport for our residents, businesses, nearby communities, our Canadian neighbors, and those who travel here for work or to pass through the U.S. Port of Entry. You may view a copy of the Capital Improvement Plan, located on the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s website.

Terminal Building Improvements
Beginning in April 2009, the Airport Commission initiated an extensive and in-depth planning process aimed at determining whether a new building is needed or whether the existing building can be expanded and improved to better serve the traveling public. Conceptual and Schematic Design for the project were then completed. Construction on Phase I of the new Airport Terminal began in June, 2016 and was completed in October, 2017 with the use of Federal, State Bonding and Local funds to complete the project. Phase II is currently in the works and is scheduled to begin in June, 2018 with a completion date of Fall 2019, and the use of Federal and State Bonding funds.

Airport Layout Plan
The Airport Layout Plan (ALP) also got an overhaul during 2009 – 2010. The ALP was revised to incorporate recently completed construction, including the expanded terminal building parking area and the hangar development area northwest of Runway 4/22.  The ALP update also included the addition of newly acquired properties and compliance with updated FAA and MnDOT standards.  The ALP is currently in the MnDOT and FAA review process.

Hangar Development Area
In 2009, the hangar area north of Runway 4/22 was expanded by constructing a taxilane and automobile entrance road for future hangar development.  This site is prepared for private hangar construction south of the taxilane, with future development north of the taxilane contingent on environmental studies and hangar demand.

More Information

Thor Einarson
Airport Manager
[email protected]

Kyra Hasbargen
Airport Commission Secretary
[email protected]